Condition Report Requests Management

Achieve customer experience excellence

Creating a good foundation is essential for building a strong relationship with customers, and Evo-auction certainly provides the tools to help you achieve customer experience excellence.

The condition report requests management features, provided in Evo-auction, allow condition or image requests submitted via the website to be automatically registered. Manual registration of requests can also be submitted from any external source.

With the use of a great time saving tool consolidation of multiple requests can be completed, relating to a specific lot.

A summary of the number of requests submitted by an individual buyer can be identified and viewed before assigning a process request to a valuer, to provide a condition report or image update.

A website update and notification email is sent automatically to the requestor as soon as a condition report is added to an auction line. All multiple requests are consolidated into one e-mail giving requestors a positive and professional first impression of your business.