Customer Relationship Management

Know everything there is to know about your customers

Our experience of auction house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has taught us that a system that is ‘customer focused’ rather than ‘auction focused’ makes for a better understanding of your customers.

The customer relationship management features in Evo-auction allow users to have all the necessary information about their client base available at their fingertips.

The buyers/sellers record can be searched by name, postcode or even telephone number. At a glance, both essential buyer and seller information can be viewed, providing details such as balances, auction attendance, number of lots sold/purchased and their value, and even take/see their photo.

Both website technology adoption and an increase in global customers makes it of paramount importance to have a robust CRM tool in place. Managing your global customer more effectively pays dividends in strengthening customer retention.

Achieving customer excellence:

  • Improve data capture with the power to import data from external sources i.e. website/online sales platform
  • Adopt smooth communication processes between customer and auction house staff
  • Optimise your visibility customer data with comprehensive view and easy management of customer accounts

Harness powerful standard CRM functionality:

  • Manage buyers, vendors and suppliers
  • Create unlimited number of contacts
  • Automatically email documents
  • Extract targeted lists for marketing activities
  • Set search criteria based on financial operations