Website Integration

Transform your Auction Houses presence in the market place

Evo-auction technology allows auction houses to give their on-line customers just what they need with a straight forward, enjoyable and intuitive buyer/seller experience. In turn, this provides auction houses with the essential tools to help build stronger customer relationships, raising brand awareness and ultimately drive an increase in profits.

Full integration is currently available with Star Digital (Auction Marketer)

Website integration of Evo-auction is a seamless process that allows auction houses to:

  • Reduce Errors
  • Speed up day to day system demands
  • Reduce pre-auction stress of registering web buyers
  • Provide buyers with a quick & easy access to pre-auction registration
  • Deliver a professional and straight forward process for buyers to inputting web driven commission bids
  • Reduce costs

Take a look at just a few of the great features and benefits that website integration brings:

Buyers Account Creation puts your customers firmly in the driving seat. They can create a ‘My Account’ and enter their details, which in turn automatically creates a buyer in Evo-auction. If the buyer details are updated in Evo-auction at a later date, the new details automatically synchronise with the website.

Commission Bids can be adjusted on either the website or in the auction house and these bids are fully synchronised, providing buyers with full visibility of their up to date bidding. Buyers can also place absentee bids which are then automatically registered into Evo-auction.

Invoices raised after the auction are visible on the website and downloadable in a PDF format. Outstanding invoices includes ‘PAY NOW’ option, which links through to payment gateway.

On-line Payments can be processed efficiently via the payment gateway and cash receipts are posted automatically providing any additional fees such as the credit card surcharge. The website is then updated and ‘PAY NOW’ link removed.

Auction Preview features allow you to promote a future auction with the top 6 lots for example, where the appropriate web status is in place. Fully published auctions will show catalogue descriptions, condition reports, multiple images along with other attributes held in Evo-auction such as estimates, export issues, ARR etc…

Condition Report Requests can quickly be made available to buyers, upon request, providing specific details on the condition of a lot via the website or additional images. Requests are automatically registered in Evo-auction, where it can then be assigned to a valuer to update the condition report or image. When actioned, a notification is sent to the requestor confirming that an update has been posted on the website.