In late 2019, when we initially uttered these words regarding our ‘cloud first’ strategy we never knew how profound they would become, or at the very least the perception of how the world has changed with regards to how we live and work.

Like many of our website visitors, suppliers and clients we had pivoted our organisational model from staff working in our offices to within days all colleagues working from home. On-site visits became online meetings,  and customer discovery days and go-lives were delivered remotely.  Those clients and interested parties in our services had discovered real gaps in business processes, management reports and business intelligence and exposure and risk based on their current infrastructure. Cloud solutions are no longer becoming conversation and discussion points of a utopian future, but one that is today’s reality.

What is ‘cloud first’?

Listening to client requirements is the first step of understanding challenges and potential solutions. In a many cases ‘in the cloud’ solutions may already be what you are using. OneDrive for example is your storage drive ‘in the cloud’. Office 365 is your Office package in the cloud. In fact, all the services below are or can be in the cloud. Which begs the question why shouldn’t your ERP?

Microsoft Estate of Solutions

The Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is a truly scalable ERP. Whether you are a single user or an eight hundred user multinational organisation the solution should be able to meet your needs more effectively and efficiently in the cloud. Multiple Microsoft solutions (in addition to Office 365) can be seamlessly be connected together. Some clients are using VOIP telephony via Teams and Business Central, whilst working from home. We have other clients using Power BI with their CRM and Business Central data merged into a single view for managing business operations and monitoring team and individual KPIs across multiple devices (MACs too!)! This can all be done seamlessly in the cloud.

Isn’t ‘cloud’ Azure?

It is much more than just Azure. The solutions above can be on Azure but they don’t (all)  have to be. Some ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) host their solutions across multiple or alternative cloud offerings. Evo-soft provides their Extension Library, Evo-supply and Evo-auction solutions on Azure as it is secure, reliable and underpinned by Microsoft. Other cloud solutions are available but few – if any, that can provide the seamless breadth of scale that Microsoft can.

This is interesting. What do I need to do next?

For greater clarity on what you are looking to achieve, lets together organise a discussion and see how adopting a ‘cloud first’ approach can be suited for your business. Contact Evo-soft today.