What Can We Send and Who Can We Send It To?

Dispatch of Sales Orders focuses on empowering the user.

With Evo-supply it is possible to make informed decisions on dispatching sales orders. This gives the ability to provide quality customer service while controlling delivery costs.

Dispatch Demand achieves this by:

  • Analysing the Sales Orders to see which orders can ship.
  • Comparing the orders that can ship against stock availability.
  • Presenting the user with a list against which decisions can be made along with information concerning further incoming stock dates.


The following information aids the decision process:

  • Current available Pick Value against Outstanding Value.
  • Requested delivery date.
  • Delivery Address.
  • Inbound goods arrival from Container Tracking.
  • Order volume and weight information.
  • Booking in management system.
  • Dispatch order by order or batch.
  • Consolidate deliveries to same address.

Evo-supply incorporates: