Management Tools

How can we make your business life easier?

Management Tools

Evo-Supply offers additional management tools to make business life easier and provide essential business management information. This area of the system evolves with time and one of the key advantages of adopting Evo-Supply as your solution is the benefit of a solution that continues to grow. Global utilities for managing Sales Orders including cancellations.

A few are:

  • Evo-mail – the ability to send any combination of documents to any contact.
  • Internal business e-mail alerts.
  • VAT matrix – if you have multiple VAT accounts in different countries.



Evo-Supply includes a document automation solution called Evo-mail. This offers the ability to schedule email delivery of documents to contacts. The same document can be sent to multiple contacts simultaneously, for example, the accounting and buying contacts may receive a copy of sales invoices.

Business Alerts

Business alerts can be configured to raise user awareness. For example:

  • Notify the stock controller if a sales order put an item into negative stock.
  • Daily lists of customers with credit problem.
  • Pop ups to alert a sales order processer of any item/customer issues during sales order entry.


Evo-supply incorporates: