Purchase & Payables

Giving you greater control of your purchases, improving cash flow and driving profits

Streamline your payables process

Set up and maintain a vendor table, post purchase transactions in journals and manage payables.

  • Generate vendor ledger entries using general journals, together with multiple currencies, to post purchase transactions and manage payables in multiple currencies for each vendor.

This is always used if your solution requires a vendor table, it’s intergrated with the general ledger and inventory and is required for the configuration of all other purchase and payables tool, alongside the purchase invoicing function


Easily manage your vendors accounts

  • Set up multiple addresses to easily manage orders which have more than one site which they ship from.
  • Drop shipments handle order shipments directly from the vendor to the customer, without having to physically stock items in your inventory, while still keeping track of order costs and profit.
  • Set up, post, and print purchase invoices and purchase credit memos with purchase invoicing which is integrated with general ledger and inventory functions.

For enhanced inventory management see Evo-supply.

More effective purchase order management

  • Purchase line discounting allows you to manage multiple item purchase price discounts.
  • Manage purchase quotes, blanket orders, and purchase order processes.
  • Manage partial receipts, receive and invoice separately and create prepayment invoices for the purchase order.


Efficent purchase returns and requisition management

  • Manage your wrong or damaged goods with purchase order management.
  • Set up partial return shipments or combine return shipments in one credit memo.
  • Link purchase return orders with replacement purchase orders.
  • Requisition management allows you to automate the supply planning process by using the requisition worksheet.
  • Generate optimal suggestions for replenishing inventory through purchases and transfers based on the item’s current and future demand and availability, as well as, a variety of planning parameters, such as minimum and maximum quantities and reorder quantities.
  • Order Planning provides a simplified supply planning tool that enables you to plan supply for all types of demand in an order-by-order fashion, with no considerations for optimisation.