Sales & Marketing

Execute marketing campaign and manage sales processes

Build customer loyalty

Campaign segmentation allows you to target your customers more effectively and understand their behaviour better.

It allows you to:

  • Create campaigns based on specific criteria, such as sales, contact profiles, and interactions, and reuse existing segments or segmentation criteria.
  • Use the Merge feature in Word (or send other file formats) to communicate with the contacts in your segment.
  •  Send a document to people of different nationalities and languages.


Sales and Receivables intergration allows for a more efficient process

Recording customer data is more accurate and can be easily segmented to create campaigns. Your contact information for all your business relationships can give you a precise view of prospects and customers.

Key features for a seamless process:

  • Categorise your contacts based on profiling questions.
  • Classify customers based on your criteria and target contacts for campaigns.
  • Personalisation of your segments allows you to specify the individual people related to each contact.
  • Receive automatic alerts if you enter contact information that already exists with the duplicate check function and
  • The duplicate check function sends automatic alerts when contact information already exists.
  • Sales order management can issue quotes to prospects and create sales documents for specific contacts.

Streamline your sales process even more with Evo-supply’s Sales order processing 

Manage your sales opportunities more effectively

By sectioning your sales processes into different stages you are able to use this information to manage your sales opportunities.

Interaction/Document management allows you to record all the interactions you have with your contacts; telephone calls, meeting, letters, and attach documents to the interactions. Other interactions such as sales orders and quotes can be automatically recorded, logged and be retrieved at a later time.

Integration with a TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) compliant telecom devices allows you to call a contact by clicking a button on the electronic contact card.



Sychronise NAV with Outlook

Sychronise NAV with Outlook

Streamline communication with central information sharing when NAV synchronises with Outlook.

  • To-do items, meetings and tasks are shared centrally. Create, update, cancel, and delete in one program and, at a specific time, synchronise from within Outlook.
  • Customise synchronisation by adding fields or adding new entities to be synchronised.
  • Can also organise the tasks related to your sales and marketing activities, create to-do lists for yourself and assign tasks to other users or teams of users.
  • Automatically create recurring to-do items and activities consisting of several to-do items.